About Bellinats

I design and make my jewelry.  I use different metals, beads and stones.

Each piece is unique and professionally finished.

I use various techniques besides the traditional silversmithing: stamping and forming, lost wax, and Precious Metal Clay. I am inspired by Nature and my travels.

Lately I have been experimenting with dichroic glass and twisted wire. There is no end to creativity. 




Traditional silversmithing

silversmithing is all what could be done with silver (jewelry, ornaments, utensils) it involves various processes such as  sawing, filing, hammering, dabbing, forming, stamping, rolling soldering and finally cleaning, polishing.  I design and finish all my products. 


Lost wax method

The lost wax is an ancient jewelry technique. It  is the process by which a duplicate sculpture (silver, gold, brass or bronze)  is cast from an original sculpture. Intricate works can be achieved by this method.  The item is first modeled in wax which is soft and easily manageable.  The wax is lost upon casting.


Twisted wire method

Wire wrapped jewelry is formed by wrapping flexible wire around a gemstone (or even around itself) in patterns and twists. When a stone is used, the wire creates a casing so that it doesn't fall out. I use copper or silver wires for these beautiful pendants.